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Ranch San Andres

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We didn't know what to expect at this old Venezuelan cattle ranch that has converted into a tourist ranch. We were given printouts about how Chávez is trying to give some of the land back to the people, so he is taking land from the rich ranch owners and giving it to the poor, like a fatter Robin Hood. Some ranch owners have decided to build these tourist lodges as an alternative source of income, and they are luxurious and cheap. This ranch has a swimming pool and our hut was spacious. The grounds are full of ripe mango trees which are feasted on by about 100 guinea pigs, iguanas (bloody iguanas), tortoises, Dee and, the star of the ranch, a beautiful scarlet macaw that parades around demanding attention from everyone. The macaw is like a high maintenance child, attacking peoples feet and lifting its leg up so people can pick it up while it gnaws their arm. I got a nice scratch from that parrot to match my iguana bite from a few days before. For some reason the parrot took a liking to Dee and decided to play the hero by attacking the feet of anyone who went near her, especially me. He had me running around the ground like a madman, trying to stop him pecking my toes off. There was also toucans, caimans, tortoises, monkeys and an owl which were all in cages too small for comfort around the ranch.

2668957362_4c91b5a85d_m.jpg 2668139585_733eba7eba_m.jpg 2668963016_4721af6d9b_m.jpg 2668974772_c8d68d5330_m.jpg 2668984522_674ae7e120_m.jpg 2668999416_ef59e8a7cd_m.jpg 2669002616_50da623ed9_m.jpg 2669007936_a56eae672e_m.jpg 2669012922_b24345a04c_m.jpg 2669016398_a5015bdca6.jpg 2668199629_f42a988af7_m.jpg 2668203619_d63c76d68b_m.jpg 2668233341_931335726f_m.jpg

The monkey cage was kept out of the way in another field, which I had to go and see. Sadly, the capuchin monkeys looked bored in their small cage and were desperate for attention. I gave them a mango and a rotting stick from the ground which they tore apart enthusiastically, looking for insects to eat.

2668209137_82bb35abdd_m.jpg 2669032098_2dab629108_m.jpg 2669037678_98e295a97d_m.jpg 2669039856_57300142da_m.jpg 2668223365_419c8f61b1_m.jpg 2668226549_b2131ebdcb_m.jpg 2669051556_aae5a3e922_m.jpg

We spent most of the 2 days playing with the animals (except those damn iguanas), and playing no-holes-barred polo in the swimming pool, while Tamar spent most of the time at the hospital with poor Malcolm, sorting out his treatment.


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